How to earn reward points?:


Search for the retailer you want to shop on e.g. Myntra, Jabong


Visit retailer through our site and shop normally


Within 72 hours you get an email confirming your Reward


Amazon is the leading online shopping store that has brought a revolution in the way of shopping. This shopping website has everything for everyone. You can purchase laptops, mobile phones, cameras, watches, books, apparels, shoes and everything at the most affordable prices. It is recognised to be the largest online retailer across the globe in terms of market capitalization and total sales. A plethora of product lines can be availed in the online shopping website of Amazon which is inclusive of DVDs, books, videotapes, music CDs, software. You can also purchase consumer electronic products, baby products, gourmet food, and beauty products at ease from this online shopping website. You can also purchase grocery items from this e-commerce portal. If you are looking for jewellery, latest watch, sporting goods, you should peep into the website. It is playing an indispensable role in grocery retail sector for delivering customer requirements.


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  • Don't Forget to click out from the red button on the store page to earn free points.

Very Easy Way!

<Conversion Flow:>
1. User makes any purchase via Reward Eagle
2. The sale is counted & credited in 24 Hours.