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This contract is for those who use this service which is provided by Casley Consulting (here for called the "provider”. This contract pertains to all areas of Reward Eagle, a service of the "provider".

Article 1( scope and changes of the contract)

After the acceptance of the contract by the user, the user will be required to pertain to the rules set for the service by the provider.

Article 2 (Persona information and purpose of use)

The provider will collect information in the following manner, which will be made clear to the user and set to specific purposes.

  1. In order to provide customers with information that is segmented for various services , we will collect the personal information from customer registration, on-line questionnaires , contests , sweepstakes , in participation and application of any other events.
  2. Information may be used as statistical data in a format that does not identify a single user.
  3. Other than receiving information directly from the customer, in cases where the provider has the consent of the user, or in cases where the provider has previously received the consent of the user, the provider can share information with other firms.
  4. We do collect information about usage of the site. We may use this information to improve our services, create new services and also for analysis and extraction purposes.
  5. Thus, to make it possible to identify our members in certain cases we may ask the user to submit identification documents such as a copy of driver's license and/or other verification documents.

Article 3 (In regards to the use of customer information)

We will only use user information in the following set ways.

  1. We will use user data in a statistical way for the purposes of improving our services.
  2. We may use personal information in the presentation and formation of new services. We also may use segmented data in the benefit of our clients.
  3. In times when we need to contact our users we will use the information collected at registration.
  4. We will not provide personal data to third parties without the explicit permission of our users. In cases where we will collect data for third parties, our intention will be clearly stated on the webpage. However, we may use anonymous data for the purpose of services to third parties. In cases required by law we may also be required to provide some of our user data to the government.
  5. We may also share data with firms who have signed a confidentiality agreement. This data will be used to confirm that there are no overlapping or unappropriated members.
  6. We may charge the responsibility of personal information to third parties in the cases of product placement. The third parties will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Article 4(member information)

  1. We will own the data which is collected through our services.
  2. The provider will not provide to third parties, without the permission of the user personal data such as, name, mail address, phone number, and other personal information. However, when data cannot be used to identify an individual we may make this data public without the permission of the individual.
  3. We may notify public officials in cases where our members, connecting sites, or when we may believe that data is being used to harm an individual or third party.
  4. We will only provide partial information, in order to protect our business, to legal courts, investigators, police, or any other third party with legal authority.
  5. In cases between disputes between our members and third parties, court cases or otherwise, we will require written notifications of the demands.
  6. We may send the sender address to contracted third parties when sending our products via carrier services.

Article 5 (Notification of changes)

Members will be required to notify us in cases when changes are made in registered data.

Article 6(Ending membership)

A member can notify us in order to cancel membership. In the cases of cancelation the member will lose all points and other rights associated with their account.

Article 7 (Pause and cancelation of membership)

We may cancel or temporarily freeze membership at any time without prior notice for the following reasons listed.
We may also sue for damages when harm is caused to us or any relevant third parties.

  1. When a member lies during registration.
  2. When information of a stranger or empty information is provided.
  3. In cases where members sign up more than one time (overlapping membership)
  4. When an account password is compromised by a third party.
  5. If a user attempts to tamper or block our services.
  6. When a member causes harm to our service, by repetitive or disruptive use of the service.
  7. When a member does not pay for outstanding charges.
  8. When we cannot reach the member via the registered information.
  9. When the member does not use the service for an extended period of time.
  10. When a member breaks any of the rules within this contract.
  11. When a member has caused harm to this service or any affiliated services.
  12. When we deem the user is unfit to be a member.

Article 8 (Addition of points)

  1. When the user logs into the service we will set the user browser cookie to on, and when the third party recognizes this log in the provider will reward a set amount of points to the user. When the user does not set the cookie to on, even during relevant transactions, points will not be rewarded. The user must allow our services cookie to be set "on" in order to receive points.
  2. If you buy or use services from connected third parties that are not listed on our service, or are not indicated by our service you will not be provided with points.
  3. When you use service the guidelines and final decision of point rewards belongs to the provider. The provider will recognize and reward points after we confirm the user transaction to be valid.
  4. When connected third parties do not recognize point rewards for the user, we are not required to provide you with points and to inform the user of the reasons or any facts about the verification or mis-verification process.
  5. If we find that the user has misused our service or the services of a related site, in regards to fraud, illegal transactions, and any other manipulation, we hold the right to refuse points and also remove points.
  6. If this service is used in an un-recommended setting, or the service is temporarily unavailable we are not responsible for reimbursements of points.
  7. When the user has followed the rules of this service and points were accidently erased or the account does not show the accurate amount of points, the service provider will correct the error to show the accurate amount of points, within the limits of our power.

Article 9?(Exchange for benefits)

  1. Rules for exchange points for other benefits or services will be set in advanced.
  2. We hold the right to erase and change any of the rules pertaining to the exchange of points for benefit.
  3. The user can apply for exchange of point value for other services or goods, when the user is verified to be the individual who holds the points and the user`s permission is accepted and verified.
  4. In cases where points are to be exchanged for cash, we can indicate which banks the transfer can be made to. In cases where we transfer to alternative banks, the account must be that of the registered user.
  5. We will make transfers on the days set by us ( the service provider). The days for transfers will be made available on our webpage, however we maintain the right to change these dates and anytime without the permission of the users.
  6. Taxes and any other expenses which occur from exchanging points for good, services, or cash are entirely the burden of the consumer (“users") of our site.

Article 10 (Cancelation of points)

We hold the right to partially erase or entirely erase the point accounts of our users in the following cases. We also do not hold any responsibility for points that are erased by us or are erased accidentally. When points are exchanged for prizes, we hold the responsibility for the exchange and quality of the prizes and have the right to pursue the exchange value from third parties.

  1. When a member has not used the service for an extended period of time.
  2. When a single user has multiple accounts.
  3. When we recognize a third party claim to erase the points from the users account.
  4. When the member has returned or canceled the exchange of services or points from a third party.
  5. When a user has provided false or inaccurate information.
  6. When a user has gained points in a manner in an uncouth way.
  7. When a user breaks this contract.
  8. If by some bug more points than should be rewarded to a user are found in the users account.
  9. When a third party has found that the points should be erased.

Article 11(The content of posts)

Only members will be permitted to make posts about products or services. We do not guarantee that the posts made are legal or contain accurate information. Moreover, damages resulting from member posts or trouble caused therein are not the responsibility of this service. 
We will allow posts with limited information (age, sex, state/prefecture).

Article 12(Changes and removing of posts)

We hold the right to edit, modify, or erase the contents of any posts during the following situations.

  1. When information provided is false incorrect or leads to incorrect judgments.
  2. When the post breaks the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  3. When the posts causes harm to the property, profit or honor of another.
  4. When the posts contains illegal material.
  5. When the post resembles posts or copies posts from another site or service.
  6. When posts are based on empty transactions or past experiences.
  7. When the product belongs to relevant shops or services
  8. When the post causes displeasure.
  9. When the post contains racial or socially charged content.
  10. Solicitation for commercial purposes
  11. Or any other time we deem that the post is unfit.

Article 13 (Attribution of rights)

  1. On our posting service any post intellectual property rights by members which were posted (including the copyright, design rights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, know-how, but not limited to) may be attributable to the service provider. In addition, we are regarded to perpetual rights free of charge.
  2. At the time the member makes a post, a third party and the service provider will acknowledged contents of the post. Reproduction, publication, transmission, publishing and translation or adaptation, editing and written permission to (magazine or any other secondary use ) will need the explicit permission of the service provider or third party service provider.
  3. We will prevent and deem unauthorized any collection, use, sale, resale and shop registration information which the user has posted on this service. This also includes commodity prices, reviews, information, and prize information.
  4. In our service, in order to increase revenue we may process and sell, reviews, posts and other published content.

Article 14 (the prohibition of information for anything other than personal use)

  1. Members will not be permitted to use information for sales, advertising, or publication. The user is also not permitted to make public the information of this site. There may be exceptions when we the service provider or affiliated firms have given express permission. The user cannot use this service for anything other than personal use. Moreover, one cannot use third parties or other agents to use this site for activities previously listed.
  2. Members cannot use this service to make a profit.

Article 15(Information shared between members)

  1. Members will use this service at their own risk, and how they use this service is solely the responsibility of the user. Members may not disrupt other members or our affiliated companies.
  2. We hold no responsibility for personal information shared or displayed by this services members or users.

Article 16 (Facilities)

The costs of sending fees and other fees or services required to use this service, including calling or service provider fees, are the burden of the consumer. Connection fees to the service via internet or any other means are also the burden of the user.

Article 17 (Prohibition of the abuse of rights)

  1. Members will not be permitted to advance on the rights of third parties or other members as far as copyrighted, or any other legally protected intellectual property. Other legally established rights must also be maintained by our members
  2. The results of a user infringing another’s rights without their permission and the legal damages of that act are solely the responsibility of the user involved.

Article 18 (Prohibited cases)

Users may not do or appear to attempt to do, any of the following, while using our service:

  1. users cannot be offensive to public order and morals
  2. Conduct illegal activities
  3. Steal or invade the intellectual property rights of other individuals or companies in regards to specialized know-how, copyright, or any other special intellectual property permission given by the government.
  4. Will not be permitted to infringe the property or privacy of other members or third parties.
  5. Users will not be permitted to do any illegal activities even those which are not stated here.
  6. Cause disadvantage to other members or third parties.
  7. Cause mental harm to other members or third parties.
  8. Attempt to block this service or cause any other harm to this service.
  9. The same member cannot register more than one time.
  10. We retain the right to extend or alter this list at any time.

Article 19 (sending of ads)

  1. The member understands that advertisements sent through our service are based on the advertisers documentation, and that we hold no responsibility for the content of the advertisement.
  2. We may send advertisement mail to our users on the behalf of third parties.

Article 20 (Time-outs and changes to this service)

There may be changes to this service, in order to make improvements or otherwise, this contract shows your acceptance of changes and temporaly disconnection of our service that may occur. We do not hold resposiblity for losses or damages that may occur during a time out ,freezing or change of this service.

Article 21 (Interruption of Service)

We hold the right to temporarily stop service without prior notice. 
We hold no responsibility for losses of the user or any other third party in cases where service is interrupted.

  1. In cases where the service needs to be repaired, checked, or otherwise altered.
  2. In cases of loss of service due to fire or any other natural disaster that results in loss of electricity.
  3. In cases of natural disasters that impede this service.
  4. Moreover, we are not responsible for loss of service due to war, or any other civil unrest.
  5. In cases where technological or operational changes are deemed to be necessary.

Article 22 (Interruption and assurance of the contents of this service)

  1. The contents of this service will be limited to the services we can provide at that time. The information provided, for information to post members and registration, the Company does not perform any guarantee of its integrity, applicability, and or usefulness. Whatever the reason may be, such as a delay or interruption of this service, the Company shall not be responsible for any damages to third party or members.
  2. This service is provided in a form suitable only to the recommended operating environment. It should be noted that, even if it meets the recommended operating environment, there might be other factors, which may make impossible or unfeasible to properly utilize this service. In these cases, we should not be considered unless it is otherwise specified in laws and regulations, to compensate for any disadvantage or damages incurred by the member.

Article 23 (Erasing information)

The information registered with this service may be erased without notice when we deem that the information has exceeded time or volume limits. In order maintain our service we may erase member data without notice.

Article 24 (Fixing the scope of this service)

  1. We may change the scope or range of our services for our members in a reasonable manner.
  2. When a member accesses another service via our service, we hold no responsibility for trouble that may result with our members and the relevant third parties, in cases when there is legal suit the claim may be founded on member damages.

Article 25(Disclaimer)

  1. The service provider is not responsible for any damages that have occurred through the use of this service. Moreover, the service provider shall not be obligated to assume any liability whatsoever, to will not be required to pay compensation for such damages.
  2. The service provider does not guarantee, and assumes no liability whatsoever, concerning the offers of services and products provided by the member of this site. We also do not guarantee the safety, accuracy, legality relates to fitness for purpose, etc, of posts or services from third parties.
  3. The service provider does not undertake any obligation, regardless of reason, to damages related to deletion of information , registration errors, posts, canceling of membership, termination of membership, stop of service, suspension, or any other change in the service.
  4. We maintain the right to change and or modify the exchange of points and other services of compensation at any time. We will not compensate our members for any change that may result.
  5. We do not take any responsibility, for the loss or theft of benefits provided to members.
  6. The un-use of the benefits of this service, do not justify grounds to change or request alternative benefits. We are not responsible for the unused points and loss of benefits due.
  7. Moreover, in times of accident delay of the delivery of benefits, or generated in the remittance of, loss, theft, damage, we will not be liable for, the re-shipment, re-issue of services. Point balanced of members during repurchase or in any other case, may not be refunded. We will not be required to refund points.
  8. If there is a non-delivery or delay, we assume that the product has reached the normal member addressed, if the mis-delivary was due to the inadequacy of the registration information by the member, we do not take responsibility for the losses incurred by the member.
  9. The provider is not responsible for the practices of third party sites. We also do not take responsibility for cancelation, change, un-acknowledgment, or any costs that may occur in regards to the use of this service by members or this affiliate sites.
  10. The Company does not assume any obligation to compensate for any damage caused b access interference or unauthorized access.

Article 26 (Suits for damages)

Article 27 (Shopping Functions)

  1. We are not responsible for the use of our service by individuals that results in harm done to third parties or affiliated firms. In these cases the sole responsibility will fall on the user.
  2. We may sue for damages when a member has committed illegal or damaging acts against our firm, or any affiliated firms.
    1. Shopping functions on this site use affiliate data sources. The service provider is not responsible for the quality of a product, delivery or any dispute between user and the primary seller. All complaints involving products should be directed at the primary seller/affiliate of the product.
    2. Due to the system using affiliate data feeds, some products in our database may be out of date or have different information. In these cases we are working on updating all items promptly. The service provider is not responsible for misunderstandings or point differences in these causes. If the item is found to be out of date or discontinued on the primary sellers site points will not be awarded.
    3. When a user shops using this service, reward points are awarded as pending points only after a valid purchase. If the purchase is found to be invalid pending points will be removed without warning from the user's account. If due to system error points were falsely awarded those points are also subject to deletion without warning. Points are only awarded on final verification from the affiliate program. If the affiliate does not confirm the transaction as valid, or has any other claim points will be removed without warning.
    4. The service provider holds the right to remove points at their discretion. Points from shopping or any other function can be removed without warning at the discretion of the service provider. If the user violates this agreement or is found to use points in a illegal manner, abuse the service provider's system, use a stolen phone, use a phone number that does not belong to them, or any other innapropraite actions the service provider will remove points without prior notice to the user.
    5. The change from pending statues to usable points occurs 45 to 95 days after a valid purchase on final verification from the affiliate. Pending points are only awarded if the user keeps the service providers site/applciation open while completing a purchase. If a user logs out or closes the service points can not be verified and will not be added to the users account. If the affiliate refuses to validate a purchase points will not be redeemable. If the user's account is blocked before points are awarded they will not be redeemable. Please note that the change from pending points to usable points is not instant and is subject to all of the terms in this agreament.