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Privacy Policy

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This service is provided by Casley Consulting (here for called "we”)

What information do we store

To complete your registration with us, the only personal information we ask you to provide is your email address or Twitter account ID or Facebook ID and your name and phone number and other informations. We will never display them on this service, or on any other, or pass on personal information to a third party without your explicit permission.

We may request further personal information from you on occasion in order for us to provide our high level of customer service. All this data is stored securely and we will never pass any of this information on to third parties.

The use of Email and push notification

In order to keep you informed of your activities on this service we occasionally send you email and push notification (here for called "emails"). These include your transaction emails to show how much you have earned, referral emails that show you how much you have earned from referrals, payment confirmations for payments to you and, important administrative emails and emails to confirm your activities on the website. These emails are not shared with anyone else apart from you. We also send emails to help you. You may choose not to receive them by informing us at any time.

We do not support spamming by our members and we explicitly prohibit it in our Terms Conditions. If you would like to report an incident of spamming, please contact us so we can investigate and take suitable action.