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Sit back and relax. We will track your purchase and add Rewards to your account. Yes, that simple!

Very Simple Way!


Sign-up or Login your account on RewardEagle website.

Next page, there is a list of campaigns. To get points, you should do some of the list like;

-register your profile

-share on Facebook or Twitter

-invite your freinds

-shop online: when you make shopping, click the banner on the detail page in RewardEagle site.

Points will be credited on your account.

Exchange your points to mobile recharge. Before redemption, you need to verify your mobile number.





1. Only first time recharge can be made with from 20 points.

2. After the first time, recharge can be made with 100 points or more.

3. Shopping campaign, it generally takes about 2 months to be confirmed the points.

4. Limitation regarding invitation incentive; one user can acquire friend Invitation reward for up to 10 friends.

Errors/problems in recharging process

When displayed "Services not available from operator side"

Problems are occurring in your operator’s system. 
Please try again later.

When displayed "Invalid AccountNumber"

The combination of operator & circle code may be incorrect. 
Try again registering operator & circle code here. 
If you don’t remember your phone’s passcode, please ask your operator or mobile shop 

When you entered correct codes but you cannot complete recharging, the operator may not be compatible with recharging system. 
Please ask your mobile shop. 

In addition, “Invalid Account Number” error includes the case when you entered a ported number. 
Ported number is the number you've got from the former operator and you’re still using with current operator. 
In this case, it takes a few days to be updated in new operator’s database. 
Therefore, you need to wait for a few days or try registration with old operator code.

When displayed "Duplicate Transaction below allowed time 124 Duplicate Transaction not allowed within 15 minutes on same number"

Recharging processes cannot be made in succession. 
If you make another process, please wait for about 15 minutes as an intermission.

When displayed "Pending"

Recharging process may take 30-60 minutes. 
Check the status llater from this page and then if there would be an error, please try again the process.

When displayed "Duplicate mobile phone number found. Couldn't register."

For the security measure to prevent unauthorized use, one phone number cannot be registered multiple times (only one time). 
if you get above message although you’ve not registered the number yet, please contact us.

Errors/problems concerning points

I have invited 20 friends but my account has got points for 10 friends only. Why?

There is a limitation for invitation incentive, you can get points by inviting friends for up to 10 friends. 
Invitation points will be added to your account after the friend completes registration of his/her mobile number & the number is verified.

I cannot use my points. Points are in “Pending” status for a long time.

When you get points by some types of transactions like shopping, it takes about 2 months to confirm the points. 
Thank you for your understanding.

Other questions

If you have any inquiry, please Contact Us.